With the arrival of June, the terrace season returns to Barcelona and with it the famous Arola Nights: during the months of June, July and August, the Arola restaurant offers a wide-ranging schedule of live music to liven up the atmosphere of its chill-out terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. The first concert will be performed by the chef Sergi Arola himself, who joins his brother Natxo and the band ‘Joerey’ to play on June 9th from 10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

The inaugural concert, with a style and theme to surprise you, will be followed by a varied schedule of open-air concerts, which will be put on every Thursday during the summer months.

Arola Nights – June schedule

Open-air concerts, from 10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m

  • June 9: Joerey (pop and rock)
  • June 16: Sinead and the Sinners (soul, funk y blues)
  • June 23: Bella Beats (hits from the 80s)
  • June 30: Sugar Drops (soul y funk)

With Arola Nights, the restaurant’s terrace becomes the perfect place to enjoy the summer evenings with live music under the stars and overlooking the Mediterranean. The musical performance will be complemented by Arola’s exquisite gastronomic offering, which provides us with a creative reinterpretation of Mediterranean cuisine, served as tapas in order to enjoy an informal dinner. In the restaurant’s outdoor bar, the barman Diego Baud will set about providing his delicious cocktails, as well as a varied selection of gin and tonics and soft drinks.

Attendance at the Arola Nights concerts is free and there is no need to book beforehand. Booking is recommended for dinner in the restaurant or on the terrace.


About Joerey

Joerey is a band founded in 2013 by Sergi Arola and his brother, Natxo Arola, who has a wide-ranging musical background in various bands in the nation. The songs and compositions are by Sergi Arola and the arrangements are by his brother.


About Sinead and the Sinners

Based in Barcelona and made up of musicians from Northern Ireland, Argentina and Spain, Sinead & The Sinners was born in 2008 as a result of the interest of its members by musical masterpieces produced between 60 and 70. Especially those created by black musicians Americans and their fabulous rhythms and styles such as soul, rhythm and blues, northern soul and funk. Rather than seeking anthems and rarities presented to the world by classic genre labels like Motown , Stax and Atlantic, the Sinners work to suit the format of all four musicians.


About Bella Beats

This band is specialized in giving a new twist to the classic danceable 80s electro house band bases. Thanks to its unique composition, including a DJ , singer , keyboard and sax player, it gives an original sound to classic tunes.


About Sugar Drops

Sugar Drops is the result of a union of musicians from various places around the world with a good background in the local scene.

  • Jefferson Otto (Brazil) on drums, specializing in samba funk, is innovative with his instrument.
  • Desiree Diouf (Italy) adapts her African heritage to the voices of soul and funk.
  • Gianni Scianname (Italy) on bass, is an expert in the rhythms of black music from the ’60s and ’70s.
  • Fede Rimini (Argentina) on the keyboard, got his training on national and international tours.