Christmas and New Year’s Eve


Christmas Menu
DECEMBER 24 & 25, 2018

Chilled cream of pumpkin with mushroom and truffle air

Wagyu beef tartare with a terrestrial touch

Red mullet Catalan ceviche


Thai mussels with caviar and red shrimp

Catalan Catalan Christmas soup

Duck confit cannelloni with foie gras and wild mushroom sauce

Brown crab, langoustine and carabinero shrimp ravioli with shellfish sauce


Christmas pudding with eggnog ice cream

Smoked crema Catalana

Christmas petits fours

  • 105€ per person (10% VAT included)
  • Beverages not included
  • Lunch: from 1.30 pm
  • Dinner: from 8.00 pm
  • Parking included
  • Reservations are required

New Year’s Eve Dinner*
DECEMBER 31, 2018


Scallop and carabinero shrimp tartare with sea urchin and cucumber air

Prawn, red shrimp, langoustine and caviar omelette with plankton mayonnaise

Lobster, avocado and mango cannelloni with pepper ice cream quenelle

Oyster and lulo ceviche with clam marinade


Tuna belly with citrus fruits, cold garlic soup and figs

Cream of sweet potato and cauliflower, eggs cooked at low temperature, truffle and artichoke chips

Grouper with smoked pumpkin purée and seasonal vegetables

Lamb shoulder with stewed chicken sweetbreads, potatoes confit and finger lime


Bitter almond sorbet over cream of vanilla and mango

Chocolate, chestnut and fig dessert

Petits fours party bag

Fortune grapes

*Arola New Year’s Eve dinner also includes access to the celebration ball in the Gran Saló Gaudí.

  • 230€ per person (10% TAX included)
  • Beverage not included
  • Children between 5 and 11 years old: 125€ per person (10% VAT included)
  • Includes access to the celebration ball in the Gran Saló Gaudí
  • Dinner: from 8.30pm
  • Parking included
  • Reservations are required