In October, Arola restaurant set the stage for an exceptional gastronomic proposal in which Gin was the main protagonist. This special offer made Gin the main ingredient for sophisticated signature cocktails, served as pairing for a limited-edition tasting menu.

In advance of this gastronomic highlight in October, barman Diego Baud, responsible for the cocktail bar of Arola Barcelona restaurant, gives us five tips from his private repertoire in order to bring mixology enthusiasts closer to the secrets of one of the most popular gin-based cocktails: the Gin Tonic.

  1. Your personal style: Some may like it classic with a slice of lime, others may want to try something completely new. Before deciding about the ingredients, find your personal preference. In any case, the real fun begins when you are willing to explore unexpected flavors with an open mindset.
  2. Serve chilled: No matter how busy you are one must always chill there glass and pour the excess water out. Nothing is worse than a beautifully crafted gin with a tremendous bouquet of aromas to later be diluted by water.
  3. Ice ice ice baby: This is something very crucial and many times over seen: purified ice is a must! For when you have a spectacular gin and then use un-purified ice you’re simply disrespecting the product!
  4. How to pour the tonic: You don’t need to pour it from the top of the bar spoon. Keep it simple and neat, just use the bar-spoon and kiss it on the rim of glass and pour in on top slowly so you don’t break the carbonation. Then give it a slow stir.
  5. Garnish: There are no more rules! Let have fun, see what you have fresh in your garden, play around with seasonal fruit and don’t only restrict yourself to fruit. Vegetables dance beautifully with gin! Keep it fresh and always with a smile!

All lovers of high-end mixology can discover the delicious proposals of barman Diego Baud in the cocktail bar of Arola restaurant in Barcelona. The sophisticated menu offers a wide range of seasonal signature cocktails, building the perfect pairing for the culinary creations of chef Sergi Arola.

About Diego Baud

Diego Baud is in charge of the cocktail bar of Arola restaurant in Barcelona. The mixologist was awarded in 2015 as best bartender in Spain for bourbon cocktails by the Essence Century Cocktails Competition’. At the bar of Arola Barcelona restaurant, he offers delicious signature cocktails ranging from light and classic flavors such, as the “Abuelo Mojito” with rum, mint, lime and hone, to adventurous and spirituous tastes like the “Holy Smokes” with Mezcal, pink peppercorn honey, and hellfire bitters.