The Pumpkin Patch cocktail, created by the Arola restaurant’s barman, Diego Baud, was chosen as the winning cocktail in the bourbon distillate category of the Essence Century Cocktails Competition. The jury of this prestigious cocktail-making competition, organized by the Campari brand, awarded a prize to Baud’s creation for its authenticity and the typical United States flavour that it manages to transmit. Following his success in this major national contest, the Arola barman explains to us the idea and ingredients of his award-winning creation.

The Pumpkin Patch idea springs from the aim of capturing the roots of North America in a characteristic and intense cocktail,” Baud explains. “Bourbon, pumpkin pie and cinnamon are all well-known flavours from that region.” To make it, the bartender also incorporates other spices such as black pepper, as well as more exotic ingredients such as truffle oil and sage.

Pumpkin Patch

1½ oz Wild Turkey

¾ oz mashed pumpkin

½ oz lime juice

3 drops of white truffle oil

a pinch of black pepper

garnish with a sage leaf

To make the cocktail, Baud recommends first mixing the whiskey with the mashed pumpkin, lime juice and black pepper. Then we add ice, shake the mixture and strain it twice to put it in an Old Fashioned or vintage glass. Finally, we add three drops of truffle oil and garnish the creation with a sage leaf before serving.

Lovers of the most sophisticated cocktails will find the Pumpkin Patch on the Arola restaurant’s extensive cocktail menu, of which Diego Baud is in charge. The cocktails available at the Arola restaurant are renewed constantly to provide a wide range of cocktails for each season. Among the varied range, there is also a wide selection of nonalcoholic cocktails, which, as with all the cocktails on the menu, are served both in the room inside and on the extensive terrace with exceptional views of the Mediterranean Sea and an outdoor bar.