Sergi Arola’s cuisine

With creative spirit

A disciple of Ferran Adrià and Pierre Gagnaire, the chef Sergi Arola has become a point of reference by understanding gastronomy in his own way, without losing sight of the culinary traditions of his land.

Throughout his career as one of Spain’s most renowned chefs, his journey through the main laboratories of creative cuisine, such as Ferran Adrià’s creativity workshop in the restaurant Talaia Mar, has enabled him to define a style all of his own that fuses together local traditions and well-known flavours with a creative mise en scène.

Driven by his imagination and his desire to offer diners a fun and surprising experience around good food, Sergi Arola’s cuisine opens a bridge between the original recipes of Spanish and Catalan cooking and the delicate presence of haute cuisine, always interpreted in an intimate and engaging way.

At the Arola restaurant, located in the Hotel Arts Barcelona, Sergi Arola invites us to discover his cuisine in a more casual but just as gastronomic a way.

Along with the executive chef, Arola offers us a fun range of signature tapas and small dishes, which represent an imaginative reinterpretation of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, based on seasonal ingredients from the vicinity. Thanks to its original presentation and the attention to detail in the composition of its dishes, Arola makes us complicit in a culinary experience to enjoy and share.

In Arola, the options for pairing are endless with the 700 wines from the extensive wine repository. True to his creative spirit, the chef Sergi Arola suggests that we combine his signature tapas with a variety of delicious cocktails from the hands of the barman Diego Baud, recognized as the best bartender in Spain in 2015 in the Campari Essence Century Cocktail Competition.

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