SVT – Sunday Vermouth & Tapas – is a new gastronomic experience at Arola restaurant: each Sunday, Arola’s magnificent seafront terrace is the place to be for all Vermouth lovers.

At Arola, homage to the local tradition of Vermouth on Sundays is paid through a special menu “SVT”, designed by chef Sergi Arola and featuring Mediterranean Tapas and small dishes for an informal lunch with family or friends. For the occasion, the award-winning bartender Diego Baud offers a special menu of the best Vermouth brands, such as the prestigious Dos Deús Rojo, La Quintinye Roja or Cinzano 1757, and also offers a set of signature cocktails, likewise elaborated with different varieties of this popular aperitif.

The SVT at Arola comes with live music sessions by DJ Fabrizia. Her repertoire of the best lounge music makes the splendid outdoor terrace an authentic urban oasis on the seafront, perfect to extend the lunch to enjoy infinite afternoons in a casual and relaxed ambience.

In order to make Arola’s SVT the perfect plan for families, children will be received at “Kids & Tapas”, a dedicated area just for them, where a range of activities and games, as well as a special children’s buffet designed by chef Sergi Arola, await.

Thanks to the exclusive ambience on the superb terrace, the haute cuisine of chef Sergi Arola and the DJ sessions on the Mediterranean seafront, the SVT of Arola restaurant is without any doubt the best way to celebrate the tradition of Vermouth and to spend relaxed and memorable Sundays with family and friends.

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 SVT Menu: Sunday Vermut & Tapas

Every Sunday from 1.30 to 4.00PM; DJ sessions from 2.00 to 7.00 PM

Vermouth Cocktail


  • SPANISH OMELETTE served Arola’s style
  • AROLA’S PATATAS BRAVAS “salsa brava” and garlic mayonnaise
  • SARDINES marinated and filled with tomato and herring roe
  • MIXED CRABS prepared with a minced egg and tomato
  • STEAK TARTAR hand chopped and marinated in soy and fried onion


  • IBERIC FIDEUÁ based on the most traditional recipe
  • SHELLFISH RICE lightly fried vegetables and fish broth
  • SEABASS in salt with seasonal vegetables
  • LAMB RIBS grilled accompanied with baked potatoes


  • Cheesecake
  • Chocolate With Chai Species
  • Cheeses
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