The Arola restaurant has hosted the closing ceremony of the fifth edition of Solidarity Tapa, an initiative organized by the association Casal dels Infants in Barcelona. The initiative, which aims to combat inequality among children, has succeeded in raising more than €30,000 this year, €5,000 more than in the previous event. The funds are allocated to the mother-and-child project Vincles (“Links”) of the Casal dels Infants itself, which helps mothers with babies from birth to three years old in a vulnerable situation.

For another year, the Arola restaurant has taken part in this initiative, being among the 101 restaurants to have joined the campaign. Since the beginning of the fifth edition in October, all of them have included on their menu a solidarity tapa, with 50 cents of the sale price being allocated to the Casal dels Infants. After the initiative finished successfully, the Solidarity Tapa organizers, as well as the representatives of all the restaurants taking part, met in the Arola restaurant to announce the results. In his speech, Sergi Arola emphasized the importance of this campaign for the social community and indicated that taking part in the campaigns is “a moral duty” for all chefs and restaurants.

In total, the initiative has succeeded in selling 60,000 solidarity tapas and in this way it has reached a total of 56,000 people, 6,000 more than last year.